America, we are in trouble. We are fighting a silent killer, and we are also battling a president that’s going to get us all killed. This president and his enabling group of senators are not listening to the scientist. Instead, this administration is allowing selfish politics to lead American citizens to their grave. With over 150,000 deaths in the US, one would think Trump would have a national plan for all states to follow. Trump has been dishonest from the very beginning.

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Open up the economy at all costs is the only plan this administration has. Get the people back to work and send our kids back to school without a plan or the proper funding—this all for a reelection bid, not for the welfare of the American people. How many people have to die, how many people have to get sick before this administration get their heads out their asses and come up with a national plan based on science and not Trump’s politics.

How do we fix it? Come November 3, 2020. We vote this administration out of office. It is going to take a collective effort to get Trump and his gang members out of office. Vote because our life depends on it.